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Short sight control for children Boy Swinging from TreeYour child’s eyesight may well depend on what you do now…

We are pleased to launch our new myopia control clinic for kids, as part of our unique range of exclusive services available at Earlam and Christopher.

Short sight control for children

Short sight (myopia) is thought to affect up to one in three adults and is becoming more common. It causes distant objects to appear blurred while close objects remain clear.

It often starts to appear in childhood, especially at puberty when children become unable to read the board in the classroom at school.
Once short sight starts to develop in children, a significant proportion will undergo an increasing deterioration in the prescription over time until their sight without glasses is very blurred. The final level is hard to predict, but is known to be worse if one or both parents are short sighted.
Many studies show (studies available here) that special contact lenses, both soft and hard (Ortho-K) can actually reduce the progression of short-sight, reducing the likelihood of associated problems in adulthood.

The effect is not guaranteed, as results vary for individual children, but it has never been shown to make children more short-sighted. An additional benefit of this, is that spectacles don’t have to be changed as a child’s short-sight worsens.

At Earlam and Christopher we are now able to offer an affordable treatment for short sight, with these specialist contact lenses to help stop it in it’s tracks. For more information contact us about booking an appointment to discuss the options available for your child.

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