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Emergency Eye Clinic

man with eye emergency and bloodshot eye  - emergency eye clinicThere are many different reasons why you might need an Emergency Eye Clinic.

We deal with all kinds of eye problems and emergencies on a daily basis and you don’t have to be a Earlam and Christopher client to use this service.

Medical eye emergencies vary from, eye pain, redness, discharge, sudden loss of vision, flashing lights or sudden increase in floaters. You may also have foreign body injuries (for example, metal in the eye), double vision and even chemical injuries to the eye.

We diagnose and treat eye infections, abrasions, chemical burns, foreign bodies, corneal ulcers, allergies, inflammatory ocular disease and many other eye problems.

This service is available to anyone. If you are registered with a Somerset GP then the service is NHS funded through the ACES scheme.

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Dedicated emergency service for Somerset and surrounding borders.

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