man having his eye examined by an optometristEye examinations are more than just simply a sight test and are very important to maintain both your vision and the overall health of your eyes.

Our optometrists and opticians are some of the most qualified in the country and with this level of expertise you couldn’t be in better hands. We routinely diagnose manage and treat a vast range of eye conditions and diseases. In fact, we have one of the most extensive eye clinics in Somerset and our team are well renowned in the fields of dry eyes, glaucoma and contact lenses.

At Earlam and Christopher we carry out a number of tests during your normal routine eye exam to ensure your vision is at its best. Some of these eye examination tests include:

Visual Acuity Test

A vision test performed to determine the smallest letters a patient can read on a standardized chart that is 6 metres (20 feet) away. 6/6 (20/20) vision is the average vision of a 40 year old.

Visual Field Test

This test allows us see how well your peripheral vision is performing. This is important in conditions such as glaucoma and strokes. We basically look at how sensitive the edge of your sight is. The tests determine the potential for blind spots (scotomas) occurring, which could indicate eye diseases.


Refraction is the method we use to work out the level of your vision (your refractive error) and what spectacle or contact lens power you need to correct your vision to the best level it can be. Typically people are
Short sighted (myopic) when you can see close up but far away is blurred

Longsighted (hyperopic) when your vision is usually better far away but close work is more tricky

Astigmatism where your eyes are similar in shape to a rugby ball

Presbyopic where your reading vision starts to deteriorate once you reach your early 40’s onwards

optometrist advising man about his eye examination results


This part of an eye examination will reflect a special light onto the back of your eye. Based on the how the light reflects on your retina, we are able to calculate your refractive error.

Autorefractor Testing

This exam is sometimes used to determine a patient’s prescription without needing to ask you any questions. A chin rest will help stabilize your head while you look at a pinpoint of light. It is used to evaluate the way your retina focuses an image. Autorefractors are particularly useful in evaluating children’s’ eyes.

Slit-Lamp Examination

A slit-lamp examination uses a microscope with a light attached, which allows us to examine the structures at the front of the eye (cornea, iris and lens) under high magnification. We then use a special lens to focus the light onto the back of your eye so we can view the retina, macula and optic nerve. Some patients may have to have their eyes dilated allowing for a more efficient examination.

Glaucoma Testing

Glaucoma tests are performed to measure the pressure inside your eye. While there are a few variations of glaucoma tests, the most commonly used is the tonometer. Using a chin rest to help stabilise your head, you will look directly into the machine and the optometrist will put simple eye drops in your eyes and use a small probe with a blue light. We do not use the puff of air test you may be familiar with, as people often find this unnerving. The procedure is painless. Your eye’s pressure will be calculated based on your eye’s resistance to the probe.

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Eye Test or Service Description At Clinics Cost
NHS* sight test (*Check with our staff for NHS eligibilty) Taunton & Langport £NHS
Private eye test Taunton & Langport £44
OCT state of the art 3D eye scans Taunton & Langport £41
Private comprehensive eye exam with 3D eye scans Taunton & Langport £76
Full contact lens exam including sight test Taunton & Langport £75/£55 if NHS*
Contact lens Total Care Plan monthly d/d Taunton & Langport from £16 per month
Eye Dream Ortho-k trial including lenses Taunton & Langport £165
Dry / watery eye clinic Taunton & Langport £75 full assessment
Glaucoma clinic Taunton & Langport £85 full assessment £65 follow up
MPOD macula scans Taunton & Langport £25
NHS* acute eye problem service (ACES) Taunton & Langport £NHS*
Private Domiciliary Home Visits NA £120

Our Contact Lens TOTAL CARE PLAN from JUST £16 per month

Includes all eye tests, contact lenses, discount on glasses and much more

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