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Here are a series of videos we hope may help you…

Have you heard of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)?

How might AMD (age-related macular degeration) affect my vision?

Do you have cataracts?

How might Cataracts effect my vision?

What can I see floating in my eye?

What are those things floating in my eye?

How might glaucoma affect my vision?

Do you have glaucoma?

What is a lazy eye? (Amblyopia)

What is astigmatism?

What is dry eye?

Are you long-sighted?

What is presbyopia?

How do you know if you are short-sighted?

What happens during an eye examination? FAQ

How to apply contact lenses

How to remove contact lenses

How to clean your spectacles

How to use eye drops

How to use an Amsler chart