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Aftercare is just the standard name of ongoing appointments for contact lens wearers. Patients can access our contact lens services either by paying as they go for appointments and lenses or on our contact lens direct debit plans.

General Information on Contact Lenses

Here at Earlam and Christopher we pride ourselves on our expertise and skills in all aspects of contact lens wear. With the advancing technology of contact lenses these days, most people are now able to wear contact lenses, even those who have tried unsuccessfully in the past.

There are a wide variety of reasons why someone may want contact lenses, ranging from occasional wear for sports, socialising and special events through to wearing lenses on a continuous basis.

The different types of contact lenses available to you on our Total Care Plan include soft daily disposable lenses, soft monthly replacement lenses, soft annual lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses. We now also have orthokeratology overnight sight correction available, a great and safe alternative to laser.

You needn’t worry about putting them in and out and getting used to them. We provide you with full support and instruction every step of the way to make starting out in contact lenses as easy as possible.

The regular wearer direct debit scheme – Total Care plan

Contact Lenses lady putting on contact lens

The most convenient and economical way to have all your contact lenses, lens solutions and as many appointments as you require supplied to you on a regular basis.
The plan also includes a number of exclusive benefits:

  • All contact lens aftercare and follow on appointments
  • All eye examinations
  • 20% discount on spectacles
  • 20% discount on sunglasses
  • 20% discount on any additional contact lenses
  • Free replacement daily or monthly lenses if lost or broken

Prices from (per month)

Type of Contact Lenses Price Per Month
Dailies Contact Lenses £26
Daily Torics Contact Lenses £44
Monthlies Contact Lenses £18
Monthly Torics Contact Lenses £24
RGP’s Contact Lenses £24
RGP’s Torics Contact Lenses £28
Orthokeratology £43

The VitalEyes Occasional Wearer Direct Debit Scheme

This plan is designed if you are an occasional contact lens wearer, allowing you the flexibility to order your lenses as little or as often as you require.

The VitalEyes plan covers the cost of all your contact lens appointments as often as you need them as well as all your eye examinations.

The plan also  gives you the same exclusive benefits and discounts available to full plan members.

The plan costs just £12 per month, and includes 30 pairs of daily lenses per year.

Daily lenses on this scheme start at just £17 for 30 pairs.


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