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Solutions & Prescriptions

contact lens caseContact Lens Solutions

As a contact lens wearer, you know how important it is to use the right solutions that were recommended by your practitioner.  We keep a large selection of solutions in stock, which means that we can always offer you the most suitable solutions for your eyes and for your lenses.  Don’t forget, If you are on one of our direct debit payment plans, these solutions will either be discounted or free of charge.

delta eye solutionSpecialist Solutions and Accessories

If your optometrist finds that you have a particular eye condition, they may suggest that you use special drops, tablets or accessories to help with this, and our reception team can supply you with any of these.  We are always updating our stock with new products to ensure we are always bringing you the newest and most proven products.

Private Prescriptions

If you are diagnosed with an acute eye condition which needs to be treated by medication, our optometrists have a special qualification which enables them to issue you with a private prescription which you can take straight to your pharmacist, without the need to see your GP.  Please see our ACES section for more details or call to speak to one of our reception team.

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