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VitalEyes Care Plan & Easy Payment


Membership of the Earlam and Christopher VitalEyes Care Plan offer the most convenient and economical way to access our comprehensive range of services for your eye health. There are a range of plans which are tailored to provide you with the most appropriate level of care for your needs. Plan membership give you exclusive access to the best level of care we can offer as well as the very latest technology for looking after your eye health.

The plans start from just £10 per month, for access to our optometrists and expert care.

Contact lens plans start from £16 including a full supply of lenses, solutions and as many appointments as you require (including eye examinations) supplied to you on a regular basis.

The plan also provides you with great exclusive member benefits and starts from just £16 per month, including:

  • All contact lens aftercare and follow up appointments, as often as you need them
  • All eye examinations
  • Free replacement soft daily or monthly lenses if lost or broken
  • 20% discount on spectacles
  • 20% discount on sunglasses
  • 20% discount on any additional contact lenses you may want

Our VitalEyes  Care Plan starts from JUST £10

Including all eye exams, 3D eye scans, discount on glasses and much more

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